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Word of the Day: grovel

The word grovel has appeared in 11 articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, including on Sept. 23 in “‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,’ Season 1, Episode 5: Misty Mountain Hop” by Noel Murray:

Elrond does, of course, betray that oath by explaining the situation to Durin, admitting that his superiors sent him to the dwarf kingdom in the first place to expose their mithril supply. Durin, unsurprised, agrees to aid the elves, seeing this as a potential win-win: for the future of Middle-earth, and for the dwarves as the keepers of the ore. (He also gets off a good prank at the elves’ expense, when he pretends to be offended that their dining table is made of a material sacred to dwarves, in order to embarrass the king and to get a free table.)

Elrond isn’t the only elf who has to grovel among the rabble in this episode. Galadriel, to win over the humans, gives them a dynamic lesson in orc-fighting, and allows herself to take a hit in the trial combat, to prove elves aren’t unstoppable. Meanwhile, in the Southlands, Arondir teaches archery to Theo, who gets him to acknowledge that elves have spent the past few centuries monitoring humankind — “counting every whisper, every kitchen knife” — and making them feel resentful. To win over the humans, the elves have to become more … well, human.

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