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What’s New With the CompTIA A+ Certification

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Pleasure Dark Shelton is the author of COMPTIA A+ Guideline to Facts Technologies


CompTIA has as soon as once again taken the A+ certification in a wonderful route with the most latest update: 220-1101 and 220-1102 tests. Let us look at how domains have shifted, what is been expanded and added and what was removed. Then let’s examine how we at Cengage accommodated the changes to finest go well with instructors and learners in our extensive textual content. At the conclude of this short article, you’ll come across links to CompTIA so you can assessment all the aims in detail.


Alterations in Core 1

In Core 1, the 5 area weights have shifted as follows:

  1. Cell Devices a little bit enhanced from 14% to 15%
  2. Networking remained at 20%
  3. Components diminished from 27% to 25%
  4. Virtualization and Cloud Computing marginally lowered from 12% to 11%
  5. Components and Community Troubleshooting greater from 27% to 29%

If you read through each person objective, you might believe that hardware is all but gone. But if you appear closer, you will see that the details are continue to there, they are just hiding under broader matters. You will also see a change from components understanding to troubleshooting expertise. CompTIA updated targets on processor, socket and memory systems. Redundant electric power source and 3D printers had been expanded from previous objectives.

New objectives include things like the hardware safety module (HSM), seize card for streaming and badging and printer safety. Aims retired from Core 1 consist of more mature engineering (these as DDR2 RAM, older connector forms and hybrid drives), unique growth cards, quite a few peripheral units, digital printing and the full custom Laptop configuration area.


Changes in Main 2

In Main 2, the 4 domains have shifted as follows:

  1. Operating Programs enhanced from 27% to 31%.
  2. Stability slightly enhanced from 24% to 25%.
  3. Software package Troubleshooting decreased from 26% to 22%.
  4. Operational Strategies slightly reduced from 23% to 22%.

Some of the most obvious expansions contain operating methods, which consist of Windows 10 and Windows 11, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. Mobile functioning programs involve Android, iOS and iPadOS. One particular apparent change is the inclusion of supplemental content material on Apple products and solutions. The macOS area far more than doubled in articles and stepped up a level in Bloom’s Taxonomy from identifying to executing. Additional Linux instructions ended up extra, and scripting targets stepped up a stage in Bloom’s Taxonomy from determining a script file form to recognizing when to put into action a script. In Core 2, almost everything related to Home windows 7 or 8 has been pulled, and troubleshooting has been streamlined.


Modifications to the Cengage CompTIA A+ Manual to IT Complex Assist

Now how did all this modify influence the CompTIA A+ Manual to IT Specialized Assist book? The initially big improve you will observe is that we only have a single title now rather of dividing information into two Core guides. Since ALL the material is obtainable to ALL college students, we will not have to repeat content material coverage in get to set anything into context. We extra a Main-to-Core function so you know exactly where to soar to in yet another module to obtain connected content in the other Main. This also usually means we are equipped to develop a thoroughly clean break up in modules for Core 1 (Modules 1-10) and Core 2 (Modules 11-21, Appendix A). The most considerable variations in our module titles in Core 1 include the Networking Fundamentals module and the Network Infrastructure and Cloud Computing module, which are presented in an buy that tends to make superior feeling for instruction.

Also, Printers has its personal module once again. In Main 2, we divided safety modules from two chapters into four modules, and macOS bought its have module mainly because written content grew drastically. A lot of individuals inquire why we set Main 2 targets in Appendix A: Protection Treatments and Environmental Problems, fairly than in a module. This Core 2 content material is about how to hold on your own and your products secure whilst operating inside of a laptop or computer, and that comes about in Core 1. We set this material in an appendix for the reason that we actually needed these basic safety actions to be conveniently located for evaluation right before commencing Core 1 modules.

CompTIA is bringing the A+ examination into ongoing relevancy in the IT industry with this update to the certification. Technological innovation that you go on to see and are starting off to take a look at in an IT technician’s profession are bundled with a depth that evidently demonstrates a experienced amount of knowledge.


Evaluation each individual of the targets in detail for yourself:

A+ Main 1 Goals

A+ Core 2 Goals