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The HTC Incredible S Beats The Desire S In The Photography Department

HTC produce some simply stunning mobile phones. Their current range of models cater for nearly every type of consumer and this is part of the reason why the brand have become so popular in the past two years. At the budget end of the range you have the Wildfire S with its lively colour scheme and social networking features that will appeal to a younger audience. At the top end of the scale you have the powerful HTC Sensation which is adored by true smartphone lovers. In the middle however is where the situation become a little less clear. With the Desire S and the Incredible S you have two models that are very similar to one another, so if you are looking for a good quality mobile without going to the real top end of the scale, which of these two models is the one for you?

A good area to start is by looking at the overall size of the handsets, after all this is something that can sway a decision on its own. Of these two handsets the Incredible S is the largest overall but there is good reason behinds the extra size that it carries. Although the depth of the phones are pretty much identical the Desire S is 5mm smaller in both the width and height departments as well as 5 grammes lighter. Although this may strike the first blow for the smaller model, the Incredible S quickly hits back because its extra size is down to the larger screen that it boasts. At 4inches measurement it eclipses the 3.7 inch screen fitted in the Desire S. Size is not everything and quality also has a big part to play when it comes to screens and both phones here sport an abundance of it. There is little to chose between the models when it comes down to quality as both phones utilise a Sony Super LCD Panel with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. So if you are looking for a phone with a larger screen the Incredible S will tick all the boxes whilst the Desire S will please those needing something a little more compact.

Looking inside the phones and once again it is difficult to differentiate between the HTC Desire S and the Incredible S. With 1Ghz of processor power both handsets are well equipped to compete with the very best phones available and this speed is teamed with an ample 768MB of RAM together with a micro SD card slot. There is one area however where there is a clear winner and that is when we look at the phones camera facility. Despite both models offering users 720P high definition video capture still images are recorded at an excellent 8 mega pixel resolution on the Incredible S. This is 3 million pixels higher than on the Desire S which also has a lower resolution secondary camera. Another subtle differences between the two facilities is that the Incredible S sports a dual LED flash rather than a single. This means shots taken in bad light are more satisfactory on this model.

As you can see there is very little difference between the two models. The Incredible S is perhaps slight better in terms of display size and camera but can be put into the category of large screen handset with models such as the Desire HD. The Desire S on the other hand is more in line with the average sized handsets such as the iPhone 4 and will hold great appeal for somebody looking for quality without the extra size.