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Men’s Basketball Earns NABC Team Academic Excellence Award; Duo Named to Honors Court

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two members of the 2020-21 Creighton men’s basketball team — Jett Canfield and Jacob Epperson — have been named to National Association of Basketball Coaches Honors Court. The NABC Honors Court highlights the talents and gifts that these men possess on the court and the hard work they exhibit in the classroom. The awards give recognition to men’s collegiate basketball student-athletes in all NCAA divisions and the NAIA, who excelled in academics during the past season.

Canfield earned his undergraduate degree in just three years at Creighton. The Marketing major was a three-time selection to the BIG EAST All-Academic Team. Last week Division II school Drury University announced that the Topeka, Kan., product was transferring into the Panther program.

Epperson also graduated in May with a degree in Journalism/Advertising. Also a three-time BIG EAST All-Academic Team choice, the Australian native is in the process of trying to obtain his real estate license.

In order to be named to the Honors Court, a student-athlete must meet a high standard of academic criteria. The qualifications are as follows:

1. Academically a junior or senior and a varsity player.

2. Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.2 or higher at the conclusion of the 2020-21 academic year.

3. Students must have matriculated at least one year at their current institution.

4. Member of a NCAA Division I, II, III, or NAIA Division I institution with a NABC member coach.

In addition to the individual recognition for Epperson and Canfield, the NABC also announced the ninth annual Team Academic Excellence Awards. These awards recognize outstanding academic achievement by a team with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better for the 2020-21 season.


To earn a NABC Team Academic Excellence Award, institutions in the NCAA, NAIA and Two-Year Colleges must count the grade point averages of all men’s student-athletes on the basketball roster during the 2020-21 season.

Creighton is one of three BIG EAST teams to be recognized for 2020-21, joining DePaul and Villanova. Nebraska-Omaha was the only other Division I school in the state besides Creighton to be recognized.

The Bluejays are one of just eight schools to earn an NABC Team Academic Excellence award in addition to being in the year-end Associated Press Top 25 poll, jining Gonzaga, Loyola (Chicago), Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Villanova, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

Coached by Greg McDermott, Creighton finished the 2020-21 season with a 22-9 record, placed second in the BIG EAST Conference, and reached the program’s first Sweet 16 since 1974.

2020-21 NABC Honors Court

Abilene Christian                       Paul Hiepler                        Senior        Political Science


Alaska Anchorage                     Keegan Crosby                   Junior         Business

                                                AJ Garrity                           Junior         Health Sciences

                                                Tyson Gilbert                      Junior         Journalism and Public Communication

                                                Tobin Karlberg                    Junior         Journalism and Public Communication

                                                Caleb Larsen                      Junior         Journalism and Public Communication

                                                David Riley                         Senior        Journalism and Public Communication

                                                Vojtech Ruzek                     Junior         Business

                                                Hunter Sweet                      Senior        Business


Alaska Fairbanks                      Zac Olmsted                       Senior        Business Administration

                                                Matthew Scarboro               Junior         Civil Engineering

                                                Alex Sommerfield                Senior        Digital Journalism


Albion                                       Caden Ebeling                    Senior        Accounting and Communication

                                                Jared Fife                           Senior        Accounting

                                                Juwan Perry                       Senior        Finance

                                                Beni Zeka                           Junior         Neuroscience


Allegheny                                 Jordan Greynolds               Junior         Business and Religious Studies

                                                Josh Ratesic                       Junior         Physics


Anderson (IN)                           Phil Bessick                        Senior        Sport & Recreational Leadership

                                                Dalton DuBois                     Junior         Finance


Arkansas Fort Smith                  Braden Boyer                      Junior         Business Administration

                                                Daryl McElrath                    Junior         History Education

                                                Major Smith                        Junior         Business Administration

                                                Chris Rollins                       Senior        Organizational Leadership

                                                Matthew Wilson                  Senior        History Education


Arkansas Monticello                  Dajuan Jones                      Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Max Warren                        Junior         Physical Education

                                                Kyler Haynes                      Senior        Exercise Science

                                                Alvarez Powell                    Junior         Business Administration

                                                Kendal Frey                        Junior         General Studies


Auburn                                     Lior Berman                        Junior         Industrial Design

                                                Ty Cressman                      Junior         Finance

                                                Chandler Leopard                Senior        Mechanical Engineering


Auburn at Montgomery              Stanley Davis                     Senior        Art

                                                Jalen Taylor                        Junior         Entrepreneurship

                                                Deven Tucker                     Junior         Biology


Augsburg                                 Matt Carik                           Senior        Data Science

                                                Chad Costello                     Senior        Accounting

                                                Devin Hannah                     Senior        Management

                                                Dom Ingram                       Junior         Communication Studies

                                                Conner Knoepfle                 Junior         Management

                                                Tyler Kranz                         Senior        Management

                                                Dalton Kubista                    Junior         Mathematics & Mathematical Economics

                                                Will Schmidt                        Junior         Finance

                                                Jack Sorenson                    Junior         Finance

                                                Alexander Fischer               Junior         Accounting

                                                Carson Huelle                     Junior         Psychology


Augusta                                    Jerod Carrier                      Senior        Business Administration

                                                Troy Cracknell                    Senior        Business Administration


Augustana                                Tyler Riemersma                Senior        Data Science

                                                Matt Cartwright                   Senior                                    Accounting/Business Administration

                                                Tayton Vincent                    Senior        STEM/Secondary Education

                                                Zach Scholten                     Senior                                    Accounting/Business/Administration

                                                Eric Tiedman                      Junior         Accounting

                                                Michael Schaefer                Junior         Business Administration


Austin College                          Kameron Hogan                  Senior        Business Finance

                                                Chanston Goodman            Junior         Business Finance


Austin Peay                              Terry Taylor                        Senior        Social Work


Azusa Pacific                            Bryce Sloan                        Junior         Business Management

                                                Brennan Rymer                  Senior        Business Management


Babson                                     Matt Pattyson                     Senior        Accounting & Finance


Baker                                       Justin Batts                         Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Michael Brooks                   Senior        Sports Administration & Business Marketing

                                                Mason Dukes                     Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Xavier Elam                        Junior         Sociology

                                                Coleton Oakes                    Senior        Exercise Science

                                                Trent Scheer                       Junior         Business Management                

                                                Raymond Swopes               Junior         Business Marketing

                                                Tyler White                         Senior        Sports Administration


Barry                                        Andre Alonso                      Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Charlie Francis                   Senior        History

                                                TJ Smith                             Junior         Pre-Law

                                                Justinas Marcinkevicius      Junior         International Business


Barton                                      Isaiah Reddish                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                Blake Burdack                    Senior        Psychology/Political Science

                                                Imrie Worley                       Senior        Business Administration

                                                Trey Scoggins                    Senior        Mass Communications


Baruch                                     Adnan Bajrami                    Senior        Finance

                                                Michael Richards                Senior        Accounting

                                                Ryan Graziano                    Senior        Finance

                                                Jack Reese                         Junior         Finance

                                                Nathan Ormond                  Junior         Marketing Management

                                                Ian Voss-Potts                    Junior         Marketing


Belmont                                    Rilee Epley                         Junior         Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

                                                Derek Sabin                        Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Tate Pierson                       Senior        Finance

                                                Luke Smith                         Senior        Business Administration

                                                Caleb Hollander                  Senior        Management

                                                Grayson Murphy                 Senior        Business Administration              


Benedictine College                  Matt Austin                         Senior        Finance

                                                Saxton Thuston                  Senior        Finance

                                                Joel Adese                          Junior         Accounting & Political Science

                                                Jocoa Kerschen                  Junior         Biochemistry


Benedictine University              Keegan Graebner                Junior         Education

                                                Kyle Graebner                     Junior         Radiation Therapy

                                                Justin Chang                       Senior        Business

                                                Anthon Lynch                      Junior         Business

                                                Collin Mergl                        Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Mason Sobiesk                   Junior         Communications


Bentley                                     Adria Amabilino Perez         Junior         Economics/Finance

                                                Andrew DeSantis                Senior        Corporate Finance and Accounting

                                                Colton Lawrence                 Senior        Finance

                                                Dan Reagan                       Senior        Corporate Finance and Accounting


Biola                                         Alex Wright                         Senior        Business Administration

                                                Solomon Ruddell                 Junior         Biblical Studies


Bloomfield                                Tariq McKenith                   Senior        Sociology                                            

                                                Ben Basten                         Senior        Biology


Bluffton                                     Dezman Brown                   Senior        Business

                                                Jameel Cosby                     Junior         Business

                                                Chad Frey                          Junior         Business


Boston University                     Garrett Pascoe                   Junior         Business Management


Bradley                                     Ari Boya                             Junior         International Studies & French

                                                Elijah Childs                        Senior        Sports Communications

                                                Ja’Shon Henry                    Junior         Retail Merchandise

                                                Terry Nolan Jr.                    Senior        Advertising & Public Relations


Bridgewater State                     Alan Pettway                      Junior         Physical Education

                                                Max Schraut                       Senior        Marketing


Bryn Athyn                                Nasir Mosley                      Junior         Mathematics

                                                Haybert Louchie                  Junior         Mathematics


Buffalo                                      Jayvon Graves                    Senior        Communications


Bushnell                                   Ernest Ugoagu                    Senior        History

                                                Eric Marbley Jr.                   Junior         Psychology


Butler                                       Campbell Donovan              Senior        Healthcare and Business

                                                Bryce Nze                           Senior        Sports Media

                                                Mike Parker                        Junior         Finance & Marketing

                                                Bryce Golden                      Junior         Sports Media


Cairn                                        Jesse Rivera                       Junior         Pre-Med

                                                Andrew Aycoth                   Junior         Business

                                                Kam Clark                          Junior         Business

                                                Joshua Eichenauer              Senior        Health and Physical Education


Cal State East Bay                    Jesse Galloway                   Junior         Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism

                                                Ben Wood                           Senior        Business Administration

                                                Antonio Patton                    Junior         Sociology

                                                Tim Andreolli                       Junior         Biological Sciences

                                                Zach Peristein                    Junior         Business Administration

                                                Elijah Straughter                 Junior         Communications

                                                Jasdeep Dhatt                    Senior        Construction Management

                                                Justin Vigil                          Junior         Business Administration

                                                Nai Carlisle                         Senior        English

                                                Malik McCowan                  Senior        Business Administration

                                                Kaito Williams                     Junior         Psychology


Cal State Bakersfield                 Justin McCall                      Senior        Liberal Studies

                                                Jack Schoemann                 Junior         Business Administration


Caldwell                                   Anthony Cooper                  Senior        Business Administration


California                                  Andre Kelly                         Junior         Legal Studies


Caltech                                     Noah Barnes                       Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Ethan Eason                       Junior         Computer Science

                                                Gokul Srininvasaragavan    Senior        Astrophysics

                                                Riley O’Neil                        Junior         Mechanical Engineering


Calvin                                       Jack Calahane                    Junior         Engineering

                                                Caleb Cleary                       Senior        Engineering

                                                Jordan Katje                       Junior         Business

                                                Nathaniel Minderhoud          Junior                                    Mathematics/Computer Science

                                                Thad Shymanski                 Senior        Exercise Science

                                                Jacob Williams                   Senior        Computer Science


Carlton                                     Alex Battist                         Junior         Biology


Carnegie Mellon                        Joe Krempa                        Senior                                    Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering

                                                Ethan Miller                        Senior        Biological Sciences

                                                Zach Watson                      Senior        Business Administration

                                                Daniel Weiss                      Senior        Computational Finance

                                                Tom Farkos                        Junior         Business Administration              

                                                Will Powell                          Junior         Mathematical Sciences

                                                Charlie Tripp                       Junior         Business Administration              

                                                Paul Woolhouse                  Junior         Business Administration              


Carthage                                  TJ Best                               Senior        Management and Marketing

                                                Kyle Czerak                        Junior         Education and Mathematics

                                                Sean Johnson                     Senior        Mathematics

                                                Kyle Peirce                         Senior        Management and Marketing


Case Western Reserve             Michael Volkening               Senior        Finance

                                                Antonio Ionadi                     Senior        Accounting

                                                Jack Vaselaney                   Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Robert Faller                       Junior         Finance & International Business

                                                Ignas Masiulionis                Senior        Astronomy & Physics

                                                Solomon Wells                    Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Max Day                             Junior         Data Science


Castleton State                         Remy Brown                       Senior        Sports Management


Catholic                                    David Angelo                      Junior         International Economics and Finance

                                                Sam Golden                        Junior         International Economics and Finance

                                                Justin Pryor                        Senior        Business Management

                                                Frank Lumaj                        Junior         Finance


Cedarville                                 Conner TenHove                 Senior        Political Science and History

                                                Andrew Stein                      Senior        Information Technology

                                                Isaiah Speelman                 Junior         Business Marketing

                                                Adam Standley                   Senior        Business Finance


Centenary (NJ)                         Bryce Falk                          Senior        Business Administration

                                                Billy Veras                          Junior         Finance

                                                Tyler White                         Junior         Finance

                                                Mahir Yilmaz                       Junior         Business Marketing


Central Missouri                        Drew Apsher                       Senior        Sport Management

                                                Dillon Blain                         Senior        Finance

                                                Dawson Jones                    Senior        Finance

                                                Ante Sustic                         Senior        Kinesiology

                                                Gaven Pinkney                   Junior         Finance


Central Oklahoma                     Callen Haydon                    Junior         Mass Comm-Professional Media                   


Chadron State                          KJ Harris                            Junior         Business Administration                          


Chaminade                               Garrett Seagren                  Junior         Business Admin. w/ Marketing Concentration

                                                Akot “Bill” Awet                   Senior        Communications w/Marketing Concentration

                                                Kobe Young                        Junior         Biochemistry   

                                                Isaac Amaral-Artharee        Junior         Business Administration


Chicago                                    Ezra Swell                          Senior        Economics

                                                Dominic Laravie                  Senior        Public Policy

                                                Brandon Beckman              Junior         Business Economics

                                                Ryan Martin                        Junior         Economics

                                                Zach Munson                      Junior         Business Economics


Clarkson                                   Joe Lucas                           Senior        Business Intel & Data Analysis                          

                                                Reese Swedberg                Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Chris Hulbert                      Junior         Civil Engineering

                                                Marques Bouyer                 Junior         Innovation & Entrepreneur


Clemson                                   Parker Fox                          Junior         Management

                                                Aamir Simms                      Senior        Sports Communications

                                                Wells Hoag                         Junior         Parks, Recreation, Tourism Management

                                                Nick Honor                          Junior         Communication

                                                John Newman III                 Junior         Communication

                                                Hunter Tyson                      Junior         Sports Communication


Coe                                          Zach Bushbaum                  Junior         Business Administration                          

                                                Jake Eilers                         Senior        Business Administration                           and Accounting

                                                Jarad Kruse                        Junior         Business Administration                           and Economics

                                                Zach Niemeyer                   Junior         Biology & Neuroscience

                                                Jacob Robertson                 Junior         Accounting

                                                Denis Shchekin                   Junior         Business Administration                          

                                                Ray Thrapp                         Junior         Accounting & Business Administration           


Coker                                       Ryan Carfley                      Junior         Communication


Colgate                                    Tucker Richardson              Junior         Sociology

                                                Zach Light                          Junior         Political Science

                                                Oliver Lynch-Daniels           Junior         Educational Studies

                                                David Maynard                    Senior        Molecular Biology & Spanish                                   


Colorado School of Mines          Brendan Sullivan                 Junior         Civil Engineering

                                                Ben Boone                          Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Trent Dykema                     Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Michael Glen                       Senior        Mechanical Engineering

                                                Mason Baker                      Senior        Mechanical Engineering                             

                                                Tylor Trinh                          Junior         Mechanical Engineering


UC-Colorado Springs                Bobby Martin                      Junior         Sociology

                                                Parker Gaddis                     Senior        Exercise Science

                                                Kyle Cabs                           Junior         Biology

                                                Cam Underwood                 Junior         Communication


Colorado State                          Adam Thistlewood              Junior         Business Administration


Columbia College                      Jack Fritsche                      Senior        Business Administration

                                                Jorge Bueno                       Senior        International Business

                                                Cameron Vanleer                Junior         Business Administration


Concordia University (MI)          Colton Ritsema                   Junior         Mass Communications

                                                Erik Mroczek                       Senior        Sport & Entertainment Business

                                                Matt Lockhart                      Junior         Finance

                                                Jaedyn Carter                     Junior         Business         


Concordia University (WI)         Alex Armstrong                   Senior        Biology

                                                Ben Armstrong                   Senior        History

                                                Wesley Brouillard                Senior        Business-Finance

                                                Garrett Hoffmann                Senior        Business

                                                Jordan Johnson                  Senior        Psychology

                                                Jared Jurss                        Senior        Special Education

                                                Brandon Keller                    Senior        Accounting

                                                Brenden Lewison                Senior        Sports & Entertainment Management

                                                Joey Zietlow                       Senior        Secondary Education

                                                Kennan DeShambo             Senior        Healthcare Administration


Connecticut College                  Jack Zimmerman                Senior        Economics

                                                Austin Nwafor                     Senior        Biology

                                                Justin Nwafor                      Senior        Chemistry


Creighton                                 Jett Canfield                       Senior        Marketing        

                                                Jacob Epperson                  Senior                                    Journalism/Advertising


Crown                                      Seth Royston                      Junior         Criminal/Social Justice

                                                Cody Christenson               Junior         Physical Education

                                                Aaron Davis                        Senior        Sports Management

                                                Dylan Gilmer                       Senior        Physical Education

                                                Nathan Johnson                  Senior        Sports Management

                                                Sawyer Lawhon                   Junior         Nursing

                                                Micah Moan                        Senior        Biblical & Theological Studies

                                                Chris Moore                        Senior        Exercise Science


Culver-Stockton                        Jakob Happel                      Senior        Health Science

                                                Jose Fernandez Zerolo        Senior        Business Administration

                                                Tanner Canady                   Junior         Business Administration

                                                Raymond Adam                  Junior         Business Administration


Daemen                                    Andrew Sischo                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                Sean Fasoyiro                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                Da’Shawn Hines                 Senior        Marketing

                                                Ziv Basden                         Senior        Sport Management

                                                Sayeed Osorio                    Junior         Sport Management


Dallas                                       Jack Gallant                        Senior        Business

                                                Dustin Mathis                      Senior        Business


Dallas Baptist                           Carson Hughes                   Junior         Sports Management

                                                Chandler Jacobs                 Senior        Accounting


Davidson                                  Michael Jones                     Junior         Mathematics

                                                Drew Dibble                        Junior         Computer Science


Dean                                        Nick Sampeck                     Junior         Marketing

                                                Traijan Powell                     Senior        Communications

                                                Jordan Lynch-Rexroth         Senior        Exercise Science

                                                Konstantinos Tatsis            Senior        Sport Management

                                                Dominic Chiola                    Junior         Sport Management

                                                Winston Bryan                    Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Tyran Crawford                   Junior         Health and Society


Delaware                                  Davis Long                         Junior         Financial Planning an Wealth Management

                                                Aleks Novakovich               Junior         Management Information Systems

                                                Dylan Painter                      Senior        Health Behavior Science


Denison                                    Kevin Cheng                       Junior         Economics

                                                Ben Stern                           Senior        P.P.E.

                                                Spencer Patenaude             Senior        Economics

                                                Jack Riley                           Senior        English

                                                John Faller                         Junior         Psychology


DePaul                                     Brendan Favre                    Junior         Cyber Security

                                                Javon Freeman-Liberty        Junior         Sports Communication

                                                Jason Malonga                   Senior        Finance

                                                Pantelis Xidias                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                Courvoisier McCauley         Junior         Sports Administration


DePauw                                    Nolan Ginther                     Senior        Actuarial Science, Economics

                                                Nick Felke                          Senior        Economics

                                                Aaron Shank                       Senior        Kinesiology

                                                Joshua Hall                         Senior        Biochemistry

                                                Kenneth Decker                  Senior        History

                                                Matthew Godfrey                Senior        Economics      


Dominican University (IL)          Jackson Smith                    Senior        Finance

                                                Sharif King                          Junior         Sociology

                                                Luke McDermott                 Senior        Business Administration


Drake                                       Garrett Sturtz                      Junior         Marketing


Drew                                        Kyle Cassidy                      Junior         Business

                                                Drew Gallagher                   Junior         Finance

                                                David Gervase                    Junior         Media & Communications

                                                Kevin Griffith                       Junior         Media & Communications


Duke                                        Michael Buckmire               Senior        Biology/minor Psychology


D’Youville                                 Noah Denz                          Junior         Exercise and Sports Studies

                                                Trey Boling                         Junior         Health Services Management


East Carolina                            Ludgy Debaut                     Senior        Recreation & Park Management

                                                Ian Jones                           Senior        Sports Studies

                                                David Kasanganay              Junior         Communications

                                                Samson Strickland              Junior         Environmental Health


Eastern Illinois                          Josiah Wallace                   Senior        Construction Management


Eastern Michigan                      Derek Ballard Jr.                 Senior        Sport Management

                                                Darion Spottsville                Senior        Sport Management


Eastern Washington                  Tanner Groves                    Senior        Interdisciplinary Studies

                                                Eronmosele Fadal               Junior         Business Administration & Sociology

                                                Michael Meadows               Junior         Communication Studies

                                                Jack Perry                          Senior        Finance

                                                Casson Rouse                    Junior         Interdisciplinary Studies

                                                David Veening                    Junior         Interdisciplinary Studies


Eckerd                                     O’Shane Taylor-Douglas     Senior        Management

                                                David Swedura                    Junior         Business Administration and Sociology


Edgewood                                Ryan Buss                          Senior        Psychology

                                                Jake Graf                           Senior        Biology

                                                Caleb Hill                            Senior        Accounting

                                                Caleb Holzman                   Senior        Business

                                                Matthew Myers                   Senior        Accounting

                                                Jake Negus                        Senior        Business Finance & Marketing

                                                Will Schwartz                      Senior        Elementary Education

                                                Eli Hartjes                           Junior         Business

                                                Anthony Janega                  Junior         Physical Education

                                                Avery Lyons                        Junior         Elementary Education

                                                Max Nuckles                       Junior         Environmental Science


Edinboro                                   Alex Jay                             Senior        HPE-Sport & Recreation Management


Elizabethtown                           Ryan Fitzpatrick                  Junior         Business

                                                Aiden Trynosky                  Junior         Business


Elmira                                      Shawn Backus                    Senior        Psychology

                                                Joe Amoddio                       Senior        Finance & Accounting

                                                Mason Weir                        Senior        Biology

                                                Kyle Kokoskie                     Junior         Business Administration              


Embry-Riddle (AZ)                    Kaden Herbert                    Senior        Aviation Business Administration

                                                Carter Kosiak                      Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Chase Verdugo                   Junior         Applied Biology

                                                Conner Verdugo                  Junior         Global Business


Embry-Riddle (FL)                     Jon Alessandro                   Junior         Business Administration

                                                Romeo Crouch                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                Calvin Freeman II                Junior         Aviation Business Administration

                                                Elijah Jenkins                     Senior        Mechanical Engineering

                                                Nikola Jerotic                      Junior         Aviation Administration

                                                Danny Sully                        Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                David Velasco                     Junior         Aerospace Engineering


Emerson                                   Chad Dicenzo                     Junior         Marketing Communications

                                                Jarred Houston                   Junior         Business of Creative Enterprises

                                                Trevor McLean                    Junior         Communication Studies

                                                Zachary Waterhouse           Junior         Communication Studies


Eureka                                     Chris Daniels                      Senior        Business Administration

                                                Jordan Brooks                    Junior         Sports Management


Fairfield                                    Caleb Green                       Senior        Marketing


Fairleigh Dickinson Florham       Tommy Drubulis                  Junior         Sports Administration

                                                Oliver Ortman                     Senior        Sports Administration


Ferris State                               Dorian Aluyi                        Senior        Psychology

                                                Michael Peterson                Senior        Finance


Flagler                                      Chris Metzger                     Senior                                    Criminology/Sociology

                                                Lawrence Slim                    Junior         Business Administration


Florida Gulf Coast                     Caleb Catto                        Junior         Integrated Studies

                                                Sam Gagliardi                     Senior        Integrated Studies

                                                Justus Rainwater                Senior        Communication

                                                Dom London                       Junior         Integrated Studies


Florida Institute                         George Nehma                   Junior         Aerospace Engineering

  of Technology                         Trey Schaneville                 Senior        Sport Management


Florida Southern                       Jalyn Hinton                        Senior        Business Administration

                                                Andrew Whisenant              Senior        Sports Business Management

                                                Pierce Kiesler                     Junior         Business Administration


Fort Hays State                         Gabe Pieschl                      Senior        Health and Human Performance

                                                Devin Walker                      Junior         Health and Human Performance

                                                Nyjee Wright                       Senior        Health and Human Performance

                                                Jackson Miller                     Senior        Agriculture


Franklin & Marshall                   Kane Fuedtner                    Junior         History/ Business Organizations & Society

                                                Brian Hines                         Senior        Spanish/ Business Organizations & Society

                                                Jaka Pandza                       Junior         Physics

                                                Justin Peirce                       Junior         Biology

                                                Bo Williams                        Senior        Economics


Gallaudet                                  Shawn Daniels                    Senior        Physical Education and Recreation

                                                Wilford Troup                      Senior        Physical Education and Recreation

                                                Dylan Sicoli                        Senior        Risk Management and Insurance


Gannon                                    Sean Colosimo                   Senior        Sport & Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy


Geneva                                    Jake Ford                           Senior        Applied Mathematics

                                                Amos Luptak                       Senior        Business

                                                Mike Melewski                    Junior         Sport Management/Business

                                                Joel Stutz                           Senior        Actuarial Mathematics

                                                Matt Veynovich                   Junior         Sport Management


George Mason                          Jack Tempchin                   Senior        Accounting & Finance


Georgia College                        Justin Cave                         Senior        Exercise Science

                                                Chapin Rierson                   Senior        Accounting

                                                Brandon Thomas                Junior         Public Health

                                                Wesley Simpson                 Junior         Economics


Georgia Southern                      Eito Yuminami                     Senior        Management

                                                Prince Toyambi                   Junior         Psychology

                                                Andrei Savrasov                 Junior         Interdisciplinary Studies

                                                JeMar Lincoln                     Junior         Communication Studies


Gettysburg                               Christopher Jack                 Senior        Math. Economics, Business & Data Analytics

                                                Jack Rooney                       Junior         Economics


Gonzaga                                   Will Graves                         Junior         Sport Management

                                                Matthew Lang                     Junior         Accounting


Grand View                               Dallas Meinders                  Senior        Business

                                                Drew Johnson                     Junior         Business

                                                Brady Sartorius                   Junior         Business

                                                Jack Trudo                         Junior         Business

                                                Trevonte Diggs                   Junior         Communication

                                                Ryan Miller                         Junior         Business

                                                Grant Harding                     Senior        Education

                                                Cole Bouchard                    Junior         Accounting

                                                Dylan Miller                        Junior         Business

                                                Nate Maudlin                      Senior        Business

                                                Sterling Werner                   Junior         Business


Grove City                                Justice Rice                        Senior        Mathematics

                                                Chris McKrell                      Senior        Education

                                                Joe Meola                           Senior        Exercise Science

                                                Isaac Thrasher                   Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Josh Brown                         Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Ben Rose                           Junior         Management


Gwynedd Mercy                        Donavan Spencer               Senior        Sports Management

                                                Justin Collins                      Senior        Secondary Education History


Hamilton                                   Spencer Kendall                  Senior        Economics


Hamline                                    Cooper Berg                       Senior        Business Management

                                                Michael Dillon                     Senior        Accounting

                                                Alec Jonason                      Senior        Biochemistry

                                                Jake Larson                        Junior         Finance

                                                Trey Prince                         Senior        Business Management

                                                Luke Siwek                         Junior                                    Education/Psychology


Hanover                                   Connor Washburn               Senior        Kinesiology

                                                Mark Albers                        Senior        Business

                                                Noah Williams                    Junior         Economics


Hartford                                    Michael Dunne                    Junior         Physical Therapy

                                                Hunter Marks                      Senior        Business Management                


Hartwick                                   Patrick Garey                      Senior        Business Administration and Economics

                                                Austin Haskell                     Senior        Biology


Harvard                                    Reed Farley                        Senior        History

                                                Mason Forbes                     Junior         Psychology

                                                Kale Catchings                   Junior         Economics      


Hawaii                                      Mate Colina                        Junior         Human Development & Family Studies

                                                Zoar Nedd                          Junior         Communication; Minor in Ethnic Studies


Hawaii Hilo                               Steven Hubbell                   Senior        Business Management

                                                Anthony Haskett                 Junior         Kinesiology and Exercise Science

                                                Sasa Vuksanovic                Senior        Kinesiology and Exercise Science


Henderson State                       Carson Cates                      Junior         Health and Human Performance

                                                Henry Blair                         Senior        Health and Human Performance

                                                Graham Chenault                Senior        Biology


Hendrix                                    Sean Coman                       Junior         Economics and Business

                                                Carl Fitch                            Junior         Accounting

                                                Seth Stanley                       Junior         Economics and Business


High Point                                 Rob Peterson III                  Junior         Sports Management

                                                John Michael Hughes          Junior         Psychology


Hilbert                                      Christian Przybyla               Senior        Criminal Justice


Hillsdale                                   Tavon Brown                      Junior         Financial Management

                                                Davis Larson                       Senior        Financial Management                

                                                Patrick Cartier                     Junior         Psychology

                                                Jack Gohike                        Junior         Accounting

                                                Peter Kalthoff                      Junior         English

                                                Jacob Nagobi                      Junior         Biology


Hofstra                                     Tareq Coburn                      Senior        Community Health

                                                Kevin Schutte                     Senior        Marketing


Holy Cross                               Malcolm Townsel                Junior         Sociology


Holy Cross College                   Ryan Black                         Junior         Business


Hope                                        Danny Beckman                 Senior        Business & Religion

                                                Jeff Bikus                           Junior         Business

                                                Ryan Gamm                       Senior        Business

                                                Preston Granger                 Senior        Business

                                                Ty George                          Senior        Business

                                                Sam Vree                           Senior        Busines & Exercise Science

                                                Cal Hackert                        Senior        Physical Education


Houston Baptist                        Andre Charles Jr.                Junior         Management

                                                Ty Dalton                            Senior        Marketing

                                                Hunter Janacek                  Senior        Business Administration

                                                Philip McKenzie                  Senior        Legal Studies


Hunter                                      Barrett Lowe                       Junior         Media Studies

                                                Elias Scott                          Junior         Accounting


Husson                                     Jon Massaad                      Junior         Financial Management

                                                DJ Bussey                          Senior        Sport Management                                                                             

                                                Justin Thompson                 Senior        Sport Management                                   


Illinois Chicago                         Jamie Ahale                        Senior        Civil Engineering


Illinois Springfield                      Jesus Castillo                     Senior        Business Administration

                                                Will Rucker                         Senior        Communication

                                                Casey Tuttle                       Junior         Communication


Illinois Wesleyan                       Colin Cheaney                    Senior        Mathematics

                                                Doug Wallen                       Senior        Marketing

                                                Charlie Bair                         Senior        Finance

                                                Grant Wolfe                        Senior        Finance

                                                Matt Leritz                          Junior         Finance

                                                Pete Lambesis                    Junior         Business Administration

                                                Cory Noe                            Junior         Finance

                                                Gavin Markgraff                  Junior         Finance

                                                Keondre Schumacher          Junior         Religion


Incarnate Word                         Brandon Swaby                  Junior         Communications


Indiana Institute of Technology  Joshua Kline                       Junior         Engineering

                                                Lucas Lehman                    Junior         Engineering

                                                Jeremy Luciani                    Junior         Business Management

                                                Jack Luciani                        Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Tyler Canfield                     Junior         Business

                                                Jeremy Davison                  Junior         Business Management


Indiana University East              Jaleel Gilliam                      Senior        Business Administration

                                                Garrett Silcott                     Junior         Business Administration

                                                Tanner McFall                     Senior        Business Administration


Iowa                                         Connor McCaffery               Junior         Finance and Political Science

                                                Joe Wieskamp                    Junior         Finance

                                                Michael Baer                       Senior        Economics, Leadership and Management

                                                Jack Nunge                        Senior        Accounting


Iowa State                                Rasir Bolton                        Junior         Hospitality Management

                                                Eric Steyer                          Senior        Statistics

                                                Nate Schuster                     Junior         Finance


John Brown                              Braden Bayless                  Junior         Philosophy/Pre-Med

                                                Luke Harper                        Junior         Business

                                                Ira Perrier                           Junior         Psychology

                                                Kobe Robinson                   Junior         Kinesiology


John Jay                                  Christopher DiCintio            Junior         Criminal Justice


Kalamazoo                                Thomas Cook                     Senior        Business & Media Studies

                                                Calder Pellerin                    Senior        Computer Science

                                                Jack Smith                          Senior        Economics


Kansas State                            Kaosi Ezeagu                      Junior         Organizational Management

                                                Joe Petrakis                       Junior         Business Administration


Kentucky State                          Josh Wilkerson                   Junior         Communications

                                                Cyriaque Foucart                Junior         Political Science

                                                Ifeoluwa Shoyoye                Junior         Computer Science

                                                Elijiah Lockhart                   Junior         Business Management

                                                Shamon Mosely                  Junior         Business Management


Kentucky Wesleyan                   Wyatt Battaile                     Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Nathan Boyle                      Junior         Business Administration

                                                Cameron Cartwright            Junior         Business Administration

                                                Tre Cobbs                          Senior        Communications

                                                Jo Griffin                            Senior        Exercise Science

                                                Zach Hopewell                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                Jamil Wilson                       Senior        Fitness and Sports Management


Kenyon                                     Ugnias Zillinskas                 Senior        Biology

                                                Christian Watanabe             Junior         Political Science

                                                Elijiah Friedman                  Junior         Economics


Kutztown                                  Kyree Generett                   Junior         Elementary Education

                                                Akello Mosby                      Junior         Education-Social Studies

                                                KyAire Sumpter                   Junior         Sports Management

                                                Channick Nkoma                 Junior         Computer Science


LaGrange                                 Lincoln Anderson                Senior        Psychology

                                                Julian Cameron                   Senior        Early Childhood Education

                                                Porter Law                          Junior         Political Science

                                                Drew Shepherd                   Junior         Exercise Science


Langston                                  Elloheim Clark                    Junior         Business

                                                John Godwin                       Senior        General Studies

                                                David Hunt II                       Senior        Business


La Verne                                   Jordan Allen                       Senior        Criminology

                                                Trevor Andresen                 Junior         Business Administration

                                                Michael Curley                    Senior        Political Science

                                                Tevin McLain                      Senior        Accounting

                                                Myles Jones                       Senior        Sociology

                                                John Malone II                    Junior         Kinesiology

                                                Seth Shaw                          Junior         Business Administration


Lebanon Valley                         Jaylen Reichner                  Junior         Actuarial Science


Lewis                                       Brandon McCombs             Senior        Accounting

                                                Connor Niego                     Junior         Political Science

                                                Marco Pettinato                   Senior        Mathematics

                                                Atakan Sahinkaya               Junior         International Business


Liberty                                      Colton Reed                        Senior        Business Administration

                                                Tytist Dean                         Junior         Business Finance

                                                Josh Price                          Junior         Business Administration: Entrepreneurship

                                                Blake Preston                     Junior         Finance


Lincoln Memorial                       Jordan Guest                      Junior         Accounting

                                                Alex Dahling                       Senior        Finance

                                                Chase Rankin                     Junior         Sport Management


Loyola Chicago                         Franklin Agunanne              Junior         Finance

                                                Will Alcock                          Junior         History & Political Science

                                                Keith Clemons                    Senior        Advertising & Public Relations

                                                Sami Ismail                        Junior         Management                                        

                                                Cameron Krutwig                Senior        Entrepreneurship


Lynchburg                                Joseph Hamer                    Senior        Psychology


Macalester                               Jackson Henningfield          Senior        Physics/Applied Mathematics

                                                Tyler McFarland                  Senior        English

                                                Xander Schmidt                  Senior        Media and Cultural Studies

                                                Gabriel Ramos                    Senior        Computer Science/Political Science                                                          

                                                Eric Sathy                           Senior        Economics

                                                Shane Anderson                 Senior        Biology

                                                Lucas Leiter                        Senior        Evonomics


Maine Maritime Academy          Kimani Anderson                 Junior         International Business and Logistics

                                                Chris Baggett                     Junior         International Business and Logistics

                                                Drew Price                         Junior         International Business and Logistics


Maine at Farmington                 Nathan Violette                   Senior        Pre-Med Biology


Montana                                   Mack Anderson                   Junior         Marketing


Marist                                       Terrence Echols                  Senior        Communication

                                                Matt Herasme                     Junior         Business Administration

                                                Tucker Lee                         Senior        Communication

                                                Zion Tordoff                        Senior        Communication


University of Mary                     Kade Amundson                 Junior         Nursing

                                                Wyatt Carr                          Senior        Physical Education

                                                R Justin Engg                     Senior        Business Administration & Marketing

                                                Glenn Jordan                      Senior        Exercise Science

                                                Joshua Sipes                      Junior         Nursing


Mary Washington                      Drew Johnson                     Senior        Business Administration

                                                Ryan Williams                    Senior        Communications & Digital Studies


Marywood                                 Anthony DeGori                  Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Cole Ferguson                    Junior         History/Education

                                                Jason Holman                     Junior         Math/Education

                                                Matthew McKenna              Junior         Sociology

                                                Joseph Monaghan               Senior        Exercise Science


Medgar Evers                           Jafet Thomas                      Senior        Sociology        


Mercer                                     Victor Bafutto                      Senior        Civil Engineering

                                                Mitch Prendergast               Junior         Entrepreneurship

                                                Patrick Urey                        Junior         Finance            


Merrimack                                Justin Connolly                   Senior        Business Administration

                                                Ryan Miller                         Senior        Business Administration


Metropolitan State Denver         Laolu Oke                           Junior         Business Management


Miami (OH)                               James Beck                        Junior         Family Science


Miami (FL)                                Willie Herenton                    Senior        Economics

                                                Nysier Briooks                    Senior        Criminology


Michigan Tech                          Kyle Clow                           Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Eric Carl                             Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Owen White                        Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Jalen Carter                        Junior         Sports and Fitness Management

                                                Carter Johnston                  Junior         Mechanical Engineering

                                                Dawson Bilski                     Senior        Forestry

                                                Isaac Appleby                     Senior        Computer Engineering

                                                TeeAron Powell                  Junior         Engineering Management

                                                Trent Bell                            Senior        Civil Engineering

                                                Tyler Robarge                     Junior         Mechanical Engineering


Midland                                    Tanner DeKock                   Junior         Business Administration/Management

                                                Samuel Mailloux                 Junior         Business Administration/Accounting

                                                Bowen Sandquist                Senior        Biology


Midway                                     Kwon Evans                       Senior        Sport Management

                                                Will Hudson                        Senior        Master of Business Administration

                                                DJ Lujan                             Senior        Business Administration

                                                Patrick Meyer-Kayser          Senior        Sport Management & Business Administration

                                                Luke Thorburg                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                Recardo Travis                   Senior        Master of Business Administration


Midwestern State                      Drake Dusek                       Junior         Finance

                                                John Weger                        Junior         General Business

                                                Derrick Herrick                   Junior         Kinesiology

                                                Derrick Ogechi                    Junior         Education


Milligan                                    John Rutherford                  Senior        Mechanical Engineering

                                                Alex Inman                         Junior         Accounting

                                                Hosh Thomas                     Junior         Accounting


Molloy                                      Colin Brady                         Junior         New Media

                                                Pierce Boczar                     Senior        Finance

                                                Pano Pavlidis                     Senior        Business


Monmouth                                Samuel Chaput                   Junior         Business Management and Decision Sciences


Morningside                              Will Hurd                             Junior         Agricultural and Food Studies               

                                                Tyler Vavrina                      Junior         Agricultural and Food Studies

                                                Zac Imig                             Senior                                    Biopsychology/Business


Mount St. Joseph                      Brady Thomas                    Junior         Criminology

                                                Devin Young                       Senior        Marketing


Mount Saint Vincent                  Makai Johnson                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                Eric Naumann                     Senior        Psychology

                                                Dorian Robinson                 Junior         Communication

                                                Kelvin Turner-Harris            Junior         Business Administration                          

                                                Christian Graham                Junior         Biology


Milwaukee School

 of Engineering                         Noah Blue                           Junior         Biomedical Engineering                 

                                                Josh Herzog                       Senior        Actuarial Science

                                                Anthony Bartman                Senior        Computer Engineering

                                                Michael Pitrof                      Junior         Architectural Engineering


Muhlenberg                              Nate Henty Brown               Junior         Business Administration/Finance


Nazareth                                   Patrick Broderick                Senior        Childhood Education

                                                Kevin Underwood                Senior        Finance

                                                Isaac Nelson                       Senior        Economics/Finance

                                                Zach Stenglein                    Junior         Accounting


Nebraska Omaha                      Nathan Brusseau                Senior        Business Administration

                                                Kyle Luedtke                       Junior         Communication Studies

                                                Matt Pile                             Senior        Chemistry

                                                Zach Thornhill                     Senior        Management Information Systems


New York University                 Jaden Narwal                      Senior        Sports Management

                                                Oscar Argemi Gonzalez       Senior        Sports Management

                                                Harrison Whatley                Junior         Economics


North Carolina A&T                   Kameron Langley                Senior        Management    

                                                Blake Harris                        Junior         Liberal Studies

                                                David Greer                        Junior         Liberal Studies

                                                Darus Maddox                    Senior        Liberal Studies


North Central                            Will Clausel                         Senior        Media Broadcasting

                                                Matt Helwig                        Junior         Sports Management

                                                Mike Pollack                       Senior        Physics, Economics

                                                Matt Smietanski                  Senior        Accounting


North Dakota                            Filip Rebraca                      Senior        Business Economics


North Dakota State                    Jarius Cook                        Junior         Business Administration

                                                Tyree Eady                         Senior        Exercise Science

                                                Sam Griesel                       Senior        Business Administration

                                                Maleeck Harden-Hayes       Junior         Business Administration

                                                Jaxon Knotek                      Senior        Biological Sciences

                                                Rocky Kreuser                    Senior        University Studies


North Florida                             Ryan Burkhardt                   Senior        Sport Management

                                                Carter Hendricksen             Junior         Sport Management

                                                Alonde LeGrand                  Senior        Interdisciplinary Studies

                                                Christian Schach                 Junior         Psychology

                                                Jose Placer                        Junior         Sport Management


North Georgia                           Josh Cottrell                       Senior        Management

                                                Malik Hardy                        Junior         Psychology

                                                Kody Shubert                      Junior         IDST


North Greenville                        Jacob Redding                    Senior        Social Studies Education

                                                Joe Conley                         Junior         Business Administration

                                                Gage Parker                       Senior        Social Studies Education


Northern Arizona                       Davy Cummard                   Senior        Finance

                                                Keith Haymon                     Senior        Business Economics

                                                Nik Mains                           Senior        Information Systems


Northern Michigan                    Max Bjorklund                     Junior         Mechanical Engineering                 


Northern Vermont-Lyndon         Antonio Carlisle                  Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Zach Falkenburg                 Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Kenan Hajdarevic               Senior        Criminal Justice/Global Studies

                                                Neal Mulligan                      Senior        Business Administration/Accounting


Northwestern State                   Dalin Williams                     Senior        Industrial Engineering Technology

                                                CJ Jones                            Senior        Child Family Services

                                                Jairus Roberson                  Senior        General Studies

                                                Trenton Massner                 Junior         Business Administration

                                                Jordan Potts                       Junior         Psychology


Northwestern-St. Paul               Owen Boerema                   Junior         Biology

                                                Kyle Kaemingk                    Junior         Business Finance

                                                Jacob Martin                       Senior        Accounting

                                                Jacob Masek                      Junior         Kinesiology

                                                Caleb Waldeck                   Junior         Media Production


Nova Southeastern                   Nick Smith                          Senior        Finance

                                                Lukas Speidel                     Junior         Communications


Ohio Valley                               Christian Alley                     Senior        Event Management and Production Engineering

                                                Bobby Foggin                     Junior         Business Administration

                                                Dylan Harrison                    Junior         Business Administration

                                                Jamison Hunt                      Junior         Wellness Education

                                                Andrew Myers                    Senior        Wellness Education

                                                Samuel Vanadia                  Junior         Business Administration

                                                Ognjen Vasiljevic                Senior        Business Management


Ohio State                                Musa Jallow                        Senior        Exercise Science

                                                Justice Sueing                    Senior        Psychology

                                                Harrison Hookfin                 Junior         Biology


Oklahoma State                        Dee Mitchell                       Senior        Sports & Coaching Science


Olivet Nazarene                        C.J. Smith                           Senior        Exercise Science

                                                John Contant                      Senior        Engineering

                                                Gavin Griggs                      Senior        Business Administration

                                                Cade Chitty                        Junior         Recreation, Sports and Fitness

                                                Alex Gross                         Junior         Sport Management

                                                David Krumsieg                  Junior         Accounting

                                                James Owen                       Junior         Business Administration

                                                Christian Straw                   Junior         Economics-Finance


Ozarks                                     Darnel Renelique                Senior        Health Science

                                                Tim Turpin                          Senior        Business Administration


Pace                                        Austin Gilbertson                Senior        Finance

                                                Chris Matthews                   Junior         Criminal Justice

                                                Martin Mann                        Junior         Applied Psychology

                                                Jordan Fox                         Junior         Finance

                                                Bryan Powell                       Junior         Finance

                                                Liam Sheehy                       Junior         Finance


Palm Beach Atlantic                  Alexander Gorton                Senior        Biology/Pre-Med

                                                Thomas Datka                    Junior         Exercise Science


Penn State Harrisburg               Brandon Coleman               Senior        Finance/Information Systems Management

                                                Pedro Rodriguez                 Junior         Communications

                                                Donald Friday Jr.                Junior         Management


Penn State Altoona                   Dominic Frucella                 Junior         Business

                                                Nate Gillen                         Senior        Communications                                   


Pennsylvania College                Brody Baker                        Senior        Health Science

  of Technology


Peru State                                Isaac Simpson                    Senior        Education

                                                Blake Petersen                   Junior         Kinesiology


Piedmont                                  Evan Easton                       Senior        Accounting & Finance

                                                Jordan Foote                      Senior        Marketing & Management

                                                Justin Quick                        Junior         Marketing

                                                Dalton Meeler                     Junior         Exercise & Sport Science

                                                Will Richter                         Junior         Finance

                                                Austen McKnight                Senior        History


Principia                                   Nate Brantingham               Junior         Educational Studies & Mass Communication

                                                Clark Davidson                   Junior         Computer Science

                                                Daniel Hoffman                   Senior        Sustainability and Global Studies

                                                Zack Matters                      Junior         Business Administration


Puget Sound                             Donovan Wilson                  Junior         African American Studies, Business Admin.


Purdue Fort Wayne                   Matt Havey                         Junior         Business Finance

                                                Ra Kpedi                            Senior        Economics


Quinnipiac                                Brendan Martin                   Senior        Business/Finance

                                                Brendan McGuire                Senior        Business/Finance


Regis (MA)                               Marc Trinidad                     Senior        Exercise Science


Rice                                         Riley Abercrombie               Junior         Sports Management

                                                Payton Moore                     Junior         Sociology        


Ripon                                       Jack Brady                         Junior         Business Management

                                                Ryan Steffes                       Junior         Business Management

                                                Jaylen Mahone                    Junior         Sports Management

                                                Drew Jorgensen                 Junior         Physical Education                                   


Roanoke                                   JP Corser                           Junior         Business


Rochester                                 Ryan Algier                        Senior        Data Science

                                                Kailan Lee                          Senior        Business

                                                Trent Noordsij                     Senior        Mechanical Engineering

                                                Brian Amabilino Perez         Junior         Biological Sciences

                                                Ross Gang                         Junior         International Relations

                                                Thomas Price                     Junior         Political Science

                                                Isaiah Smith                        Junior         Business


Rockhurst                                 Curtis Lewis                        Senior        Business Administration

                                                Quinton Curry                     Senior        Biology

                                                Lasse Gummerus                Senior        Business Administration

                                                Charlton Offermans             Senior        Applied Mathematics

                                                Nick Volz                            Senior        Master’s in Business Administration              

                                                Spencer Moes                    Junior         Biology


Rollins                                      Dayton Gumm                     Junior         Communications

                                                Joey Glynn                         Junior         Communications

                                                Kyle Marion                        Junior         Biology

                                                Brooks Cluxton                   Senior        Business Management

                                                Will Erickson                       Junior         Business Management

                                                Hutton Yenor                      Senior        Business Management

                                                Matej Susec                        Junior         International Business                     


Roosevelt                                 Kelvin Cortez-Harvey          Junior         Accounting

                                                Anthony Martinez                Senior        Business

                                                Josh Roberts                      Senior        Business


Russell Sage College                Ryan Long                          Junior         Physical Education                                   

                                                Jason Geronimo                  Junior         Business Administration

                                                Stuart Phair                        Junior         Business Administration

                                                Morgan Shute                     Senior        Business Administration


Rutgers                                    Geo Baker                          Senior        Human Resource Management

                                                Nick Brooks                        Senior        Human Resource Management

                                                Myles Johnson                    Senior        Electrical and Computer Engineering

                                                Luke Nathan                       Senior        Marketing


Sacramento State                     Brandon Davis                    Junior         Communication Studies

                                                William FitzPatrick              Senior        Communication Studies

                                                Jalen Townsell                    Junior         Business


Saint Francis University            Daniel Henry                       Senior        Criminal Justice

                                                Anthony Labriola                 Junior         History/Education

                                                Bryce Laskey                      Junior         Management Information Systems



Saint John’s University (MN)      Oakley Baker                      Senior        Economics

                                                Gavin Bates                        Junior         Economics

                                                Jake Binley                         Junior         Accounting

                                                Colton Codute                     Junior         Global Business Leadership


Saint Joseph’s College (ME)      Jack Casale                        Senior        Finance/Accounting

                                                Michael Ferrie                     Senior        Finance

                                                Patrick Kelly                       Senior        Business Sports Management


Saint Katherine                         Ken Fukuda                        Junior         Business Management

                                                Cesar Meza                        Junior         Kinesiology

                                                Jesus Hernandez Jr.           Junior         Kinesiology

                                                D’Angelo Fields                   Senior        Business Management

                                                Trevor Funk                        Senior        Kinesiology

                                                Kurtis Vu                             Junior         Business Management


Saint Leo                                  Gintaras Bartaskas             Senior        Business Management

                                                Erick Lahm                         Junior         Criminal Justice

                                                Rusty Moorer                      Senior        Business Management

                                                Chase Villers                      Junior         Marketing


Salve Regina                            Thorston Brochu                 Senior        Chemistry

                                                Cameron Collins                 Senior        Administration of Justice

                                                Kevin Kelly                         Senior        Finance

                                                Stephen Natola                   Senior        Biology

                                                Christopher Peasley            Junior         Accounting

                                                Andrew Richards                Junior         Administration of Justice

                                                Michael Spencer                 Junior         Financial Management


San Francisco                          Damari Milstead                  Junior         Management

                                                Dzmitry Ryuny                    Junior         Management

                                                Emmanuel Nwabueze          Junior         Marketing

                                                Taavi Jurkatamm                Senior        International Studies


San Francisco State                  Michael Diaz                       Senior        Criminal Justice

                                                Sean Orr                            Senior        Communications

                                                Jalen Flanagan                   Junior         Communications

                                                Jacob Huynh                       Junior         Business Administration


Sarah Lawrence                        Justin Bailey                       Junior         Liberal Arts

                                                Liam Berry                          Junior         Liberal Arts

                                                Raymond McKenzie            Junior         Liberal Arts

                                                Isaiah Pean                         Senior        Liberal Arts

                                                Andrew Varoli                     Junior         Liberal Arts


Scranton                                   Jack Brockett                      Junior         Finance

                                                Jackson Danzig                  Junior         Business

                                                Peter Hatrick                      Senior        Marketing


Seattle                                      Rip Economou                    Junior         Communications

                                                Riley Grigsby                      Junior         Communications

                                                Matt Vail                             Junior         Finance


Seattle Pacific                          Filip Fullerton                      Junior         Exercise Science


Seton Hall                                 Tray Jackson                      Junior         Undecided

                                                Ike Obiagu                          Senior        Accounting

                                                Shavar Reynolds                 Junior         Social & Behavioral Sciences

                                                Tyrese Samuel                    Junior         Undecided


Shenandoah                              Harry Wall                          Senior        Sport Management

                                                Jaylen Williams                   Junior         Cyber Security & Criminal Justice

                                                Trammell Anthony               Junior         Cyber Security & Computer Science

                                                Ethan Diffee                        Junior         Communications

                                                Davion Roberts                   Junior         Business Administration

                                                Dylan Elliott                        Junior         Sport Management

                                                Zach Garrett                       Senior        Business Administration


Siena                                        Robert Mahala                    Junior         Business


Simpson                                   Alec Hinson                        Senior        Biology

                                                Rhett Darland                     Junior         Physical Education/Secondary Ed

                                                Kade Tatkenhorst               Senior        Mathematics and Physics

                                                Jack Seward                       Senior        Criminal Justice

                                                Sam Schlegel                     Senior        Physical Education

                                                Bryce Yoder                        Senior        Economics and Finance

                                                Chris Honz                          Junior         Accounting/Sports Management


South Carolina                          AJ Lawson                          Junior         Public Health

                                                Nathan Nelson                    Senior        Political Science


South Dakota                            Damani Hayes                    Junior         Biomedical Engineering


South Dakota School of Mines   Wilfred Dickson                  Senior        Mining and Engineering Management

                                                Trey Smith                          Senior        Civil Engineering


Southeastern Oklahoma            Adam Dworsky                   Senior        Mathematics

                                                Taylor Cox                          Junior         Health and Physical Education


Southern Illinois                        Sekou Dembele                  Junior         Sport Administration

                                                Will Keller                           Senior        Computer Engineering


Southern Methodist                   Everett Ray                        Senior        Finance


Southern Utah                           Maizen Fausett                   Junior         Physical Education

                                                Nick Fleming                       Junior         Communication

                                                John Knight III                    Senior        General Studies

                                                Dre Marin                           Senior        Physical Education

                                                Aanen Moody                     Junior         Physical Education


Southwest Baptist                     Brady Smith                        Senior        Economics/Finance

                                                Houston Johnson                Senior        Chemistry

                                                Joe Miller                           Junior         Exercise Science

                                                Quinn Nelson                      Senior        Sports Management


Southwestern (TX)                    Kyle Poerschke                   Junior         Business

                                                Jared McCormack               Junior         Bio-Chemistry


Springfield                                Casey Lane                        Junior         Physical Education

                                                Kendall Baldwin                  Senior        Business Management

                                                Daryl Costa                        Junior         Accounting

                                                Harper Niven                      Senior        Sports Journalism


St. Ambrose                              Dylan Kaczmarek                Senior        Sport Management

                                                Tom Kazanecki                   Senior        Exercise Science

                                                John Kerr                           Senior        Human Performance and Fitness

                                                Isaac Meenan                     Senior        Management

                                                Ben Schols                         Senior        Mathematics

                                                Michael Williams                 Senior        Business Sales


St. Bonaventure                        Jaren Holms                       Junior         Sports Media


St. Cloud State                          Ilya Tyrtyshnik                    Senior        Business Economics

                                                Daniel Geistler                    Junior         Biology


St. Edward’s                             Logan Cook                        Senior        Business

                                                Ryan Garza                        Senior        Kinesiology

                                                Sean Phillips                      Senior        Entrepreneurship

                                                Oscar Oswald                     Senior        Finance and Business Administration


St. Francis Brooklyn                  Chauncey Hawkins             Senior        Accounting

                                                Stevan Krtinic                     Junior         Economics

                                                Larry Moreno                      Junior         Physical Education

                                                Vuk Stevanic                      Junior         Accounting


St. John Fisher                         Ryan Gentile                       Junior         Interdisciplinary Studies

                                                Nicholas Klein                     Senior        Media and Communications

                                                Louden Porter                     Senior        Biology

                                                Jackson Sullivan                 Junior         Media and Communications

                                                Brendan Trapper                 Junior         Sport Management

                                                Mark Valeriani                     Senior        Computer Science

                                                Sean Williams                    Junior         Sport Management


St. Martin’s                               Martin Adams                     Senior        Communications

                                                John Moore                        Senior        Accounting

                                                Tyke Thompson                  Junior         Education


St. Thomas                               Peter Bjorklund                   Junior         Entrepreneurship

                                                Nick Christenson                 Senior        Business

                                                Kevin Cunningham              Junior         Finance

                                                Joe Dunn                            Junior         Finance

                                                Burt Hedstrom                    Senior        Mechanical Engineering                 

                                                Riley Miller                         Junior         Marketing

                                                Max Techau                        Senior        Accounting


Stanford                                   Sam Beskind                      Senior        Management, Science and Engineering

                                                Daniel Begovich                  Senior        Economics

                                                Bryce Wills                         Senior        Sociology

                                                Keenan Fitzmorris               Junior         Psychology

                                                Oscar da Silva                    Senior        Biology

                                                Lukas Kisunas                    Junior         Psychology


Stephen F. Austin                     Nigel Hawkins                     Junior         General Business

                                                Gavin Kensmil                    Senior        Kinesiology


Stevens Institute of Technology Alex DiPietrantonio              Senior        Business & Technology

                                                Maguire Sweeney               Senior        Management

                                                Sashank Sindhia                 Junior         Finance


Stevenson                                Evan Joseph                       Senior        Interdisciplinary Studies

                                                Tavon Randolph                  Senior        Business Administration

                                                McKale Williams                 Junior         Communication Studies

                                                Merlon Devine                    Senior        Political Science

                                                Drew Miller                         Junior         Middle School Education

                                                Damon Koskovich               Junior         Business Administration


Stonehill                                   Monty Urmilevicius             Senior        Finance & Communication

                                                Chris Willis                         Senior        Finance

                                                TJ Reed                              Senior        Finance

                                                Owen de Graaf                   Senior        Political Science

                                                Shamir Johnson                  Junior         Business Management

                                                Jack Schweitz                     Junior         Communication

                                                Isaiah Burnett                     Junior         Business


Suffolk                                      Conor Creane                     Junior         Law

                                                William Rowe                      Junior         Finance


SUNY Maritime College             J-T Mullins                          Senior        International Transportation and Trade

                                                Alec Downes                       Junior         International Transportation and Trade

                                                Nick Ovanessian                 Junior         International Transportation and Trade


SUNY Oneonta                         Sean Nolan                         Senior        Sport Management

                                                Taylor Mason                      Junior         Food Service and Restaurant Administration


SUNY Plattsburgh                     Matt Bernhard                     Senior        Biomedical Sciences

                                                Kyle Cary                           Junior         Information Technology

                                                Travis Cox                          Senior        Criminal Justice

                                                Dominique Threatt              Junior         Social Work


Susquehanna                            Bryce Butler                        Senior        Business

                                                Ryan Collins                       Junior         Accounting

                                                Dan Frauenheim                 Junior         Business

                                                John Kozinski                     Senior        Business

                                                Jaden Martin                       Junior         Political Science

                                                Jack Van Syckle                 Junior         Accounting      

                                                Lukas Yurasits                    Senior        Engineering-Physics


Swarthmore                              Justin Tucker                      Junior         Economics

                                                Peter Foggo                       Senior        Economics


Temple                                     Jake Forrester                    Junior         Criminal Justice

                                                Arashma Parks                   Junior         Advertising

                                                Tai Strickland                     Junior         Finance

                                                Colin Daly                           Senior        Business Management


Tennessee                               Grant Ledford                      Junior         Business Marketing

                                                Malachi Smith                     Junior         Sport Management

                                                Alex Tostado                      Senior        Finance

                                                Stefan Kenic                       Senior        Sport Management


Texas A&M Commerce             Carson Tuttle                      Junior         Kinesiology and Sports Studies

                                                Alex Peavy                         Junior         Sports and Recreation Management

                                                Leo Lara                             Senior        Health, Kinesiology and Sports Studies

                                                Rodney Brown                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                Emmanuel Adeoye              Senior        Learning and Technology


Texas Lutheran                         Cameron Fontenot              Junior         Business Administration


The College of New Jersey        Brandon Slaybaugh             Senior        Business Management


The College of Saint Rose         Adam Anderson                  Senior        Business Administration

                                                Sean Dadey                        Junior         Finance/Business Administration

                                                Josh McGettigan                 Junior         Marketing


The College of St. Scholastica   Jake Rademacher               Junior         Social Science Secondary Education

                                                Jack Silgen                         Junior         Business Management

                                                Zach Sjoblad                       Junior         Health Informatics Information Management

                                                Jarod Wilken                       Senior        Computer Information Systems


Texas                                       Kamaka Hepa                     Senior        Sport Management

                                                Blake Nevins                      Senior        Civil Engineering

                                                Drayton Whiteside               Senior        Finance


Texas Rio Grande Valley           Marek Nelson                     Senior        Multidisciplinary Studies


Toledo                                      Spencer Littleson                Senior        Marketing

                                                JT Shumate                        Junior         Middle Childhood Education

                                                Blake Williams                    Senior        Finance

                                                Setric Millner Jr.                  Junior         Business

                                                AJ Edu                               Junior         Accounting


Transylvania                             Michael Jefferson                Senior        Business

                                                Zach Larimore                    Junior         Finance/Marketing

                                                Jack Patton                         Junior         Mathematics

                                                Gavin Root                         Senior        Accounting

                                                Will Sivills                           Senior        Business Administration

                                                JD Marshall                        Junior         Business Management


Trine                                        Nick Bowman                      Junior         Criminal Justice

                                                Griffin Lorimer                     Junior         Engineering

                                                Bryce Williams                    Junior         Business


Trinity College                          Colin Donovan                    Senior        Economics

                                                Tyler Mola                          Senior        Biology


Trinity University                       AJ Clark                             Junior         Business Analytics

                                                Ben Hanley                         Junior                                    Communications/Sports Management

                                                Michael Marquez                 Junior         Engineering Science

                                                Stephen Molina                   Senior        Accounting

                                                Lucas Oldham                     Senior                                    Finance/Investments

                                                Tyler Peavy                        Senior        Business Admin. Mgmt. & Health Administration

                                                Mason Roberts                   Junior         Business Administration


Tulane                                      Alec Zaccardo                     Junior         Economics

                                                Ibrahim Ali                          Junior         Health and Wellness


UC Irvine                                  Brad Greene                       Senior        Education Studies and Sociology


UCLA                                       Russell Strong                    Junior         Mechanical Engineering


UMKC                                      Franck Kamgain                  Junior         Business Administration


UNC Charlotte                          Luka Vasic                         Senior        Finance


UNC Wilmington                       Ty Gadsden                        Senior        Studio Art

                                                Mike Okauru                       Senior        Business Administration


Union College                           Rhone Eseyade                  Senior        Mechanical Engineering

                                                Temi George                      Senior        Economics

                                                Jackson Mannix                  Senior        Economics

                                                Michael Concannon             Junior         Mechanical Engineering


Union University                       Dusan Djordjevic                Junior         Nursing

                                                Caleb Pearce                      Junior         Psychology


U.S. Merchant                           Blaine McDonough              Junior         Marine Logistics and Security

  Marine Academy                     Jack Bucher                        Junior         Marine Logistics and Security

                                                Isaiah Nix                           Senior        Marine Logistics and Security                       


U.S. Naval Academy                 Cam Davis                         Senior        Ocean Engineering

                                                Alec Loehr                          Senior        Cyber Operations

                                                Luke Loehr                         Senior        Cyber Operations


Ursinus                                    Bruce Edwards                   Senior        Business and Economics

                                                George Gordon                   Senior        Business and Economics

                                                Matt McMahon                    Junior         Business and Economics

                                                Lucas Olshevski                 Senior        Business and Economics

                                                Peyton Vostenak                 Junior         Business and Economics


Utah                                         Riley Battin                         Junior         Business Administration

                                                Brooks King                        Senior        Finance

                                                Alfonso Plummer                 Senior        International Studies


Utah Valley                               Brock Anderson                  Senior        Digital Marketing

                                                Calvashawn LeTre Darthard Junior         Business Management                

                                                Trey Farrer                         Junior         Finance

                                                Timothy Fuller                     Junior         Neuroscience

                                                Colby Leifson                      Senior        Business Management                

                                                Jaden McClanahan             Junior         Communication

                                                Benjamin Asa McCord         Senior        Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation

                                                Blaze Nield                         Junior         Business Management

                                                Tyrel Phillips                       Junior         Accounting

                                                Cade Whicker                     Junior         Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation


Vassar                                     Zach Bromfeld                    Senior        Economics      

                                                Lance Tebay                       Senior        Economics

                                                Hugh Durham                     Senior        Biochemistry

                                                Neville Lee                          Junior         Neuroscience

                                                Oliver Moody                      Junior         Computer Science


Villanova                                  Caleb Daniels                     Junior         Communication

                                                Kevin Hoehn                       Senior        Communication

                                                Brandon Slater                    Junior         Communication

                                                Kevin Voigt                         Junior         Biology

                                                Collin Gillespie                    Senior        Communication

                                                Cole Swider                        Junior         Communication


Virginia                                     Sam Hauser                       Senior        Youth and Social Innovation

                                                Jayden Nixon                      Senior        Biology


Virginia Tech                            Jonathan Kabongo              Senior        Creative Writing

                                                Cordel Pemsl                      Senior        Consumer Studies


Wisconsin Stevens Point           Garrett Nelson                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                Peter Timmerman               Junior         Data Analytics

                                                Zach Mootz                         Junior         Health Sciences


Wisconsin Eau Claire                Nathan Banasik                  Senior        Education-Math

                                                Spencer Page                     Junior         Business Finance


Wisconsin Oshkosh                  Tommy Borta                      Junior         Social Science

                                                Sam Frederickson               Senior        Communication Studies

                                                Eric Peterson                      Junior         Finance

                                                JT Petrie                             Junior         Accounting


Wisconsin Platteville                 Justin Fox                           Senior        Agriculture Business and Animal Science

                                                Drew Gunnink                     Senior        Building Construction Management

                                                Justin Jarvensivu                Senior        Mathematics

                                                Blake McCann                    Junior         Building Construction Management

                                                Alex Ranney                       Senior        Health and Human Performance

                                                Quentin Shields                  Senior        Biology

                                                Kyle Tuma                          Junior         Building Construction Management

                                                Tomas Vikonis                    Junior         Accounting and Finance


Wabash                                    Camden Chadd                   Junior         History

                                                Jack Hegwood                    Junior         Economics

                                                Connor Rotterman               Senior        Biology

                                                Kellen Schreiber                 Junior         Biology

                                                Reis Thomas                      Junior         Spanish

                                                Tyler Watson                      Junior                                    Chemistry/Mathematics


Wake Forest                             Sunday Okeke                    Senior        Psychology

                                                Blake Buchanan                  Junior         Economics


Washburn                                 Tyler Geiman                      Senior        Economics      

                                                Will McKee                         Senior        Finance

                                                Jalen Lewis                         Junior         Marketing


Washington & Jefferson            Jake Livingston                   Senior        Business Administration

                                                Alexander Skowron             Junior         Environmental Science


Washington and Lee                  Curtis Mitchell                     Senior        Business Administration

                                                Mark Lamendola                 Junior         Chemistry

                                                Mark Natiello                      Junior         Business Administration

                                                Tevin Panchel                     Junior         Business Administration


Washington College                  Daniel Brown                      Senior        Computer Information Systems

                                                Cole Storm                         Senior        Business Management

                                                Barry McCormick                Senior        Business Management


Washington University              Justin Hardy                       Junior         Finance/Accounting

  In St. Louis                             Kameron Mack                   Junior         Finance

                                                Jack Nolan                          Senior        Finance

                                                David Windley                     Junior         Finance/Accounting

                                                Charlie Jacob                      Junior                                    Finance/Organization & Strategic Management


Wayland Baptist                        Tre Fillmore                        Senior        Fitness Management

                                                Mattia Cafisi                       Senior        Biology


Wayne State College                 Ben Dentlinger                    Senior        Biology

                                                Jordan Janssen                  Junior         Economics & Finance

                                                Henry Penner                      Junior         Business Administration

                                                Nate Thayer                       Junior         Accounting & Finance


Wayne State University             LJ DeWolf                           Junior         Marketing

                                                Kris Garrett                         Junior         Accounting


Weber State                             Dontay Bassett                   Senior        Social Work

                                                Cody Carlson                      Senior        Professional Studies

                                                Michael Kozak                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                David Nzekwesi                  Junior         Business Administration


Webster                                   Stephen Hawkins                Junior         Management


Wesleyan                                 Joe DeLollo                        Junior         Economics, Psychology

                                                Jens Ulrich-Verderber         Junior         Psychology, Government

                                                Samuel Peek                      Junior         Psychology

                                                Theodore Lowen                 Junior         Economics


West Virginia                            Jordan McCabe                  Junior         Sport Management


Western Colorado                     Cole Sienknecht                  Junior         Biology

                                                Jackson Ehrlin                    Senior        Business Administration

                                                Alex Woodruff                     Junior         Biology

                                                Cade Wood                         Junior         Exercise and Sport Science


Western Kentucky                     Charles Bassey                  Junior         Interdisciplinary Studies


Western Michigan                     Jason Whitens                    Senior        Sales & Marketing

                                                Patrick Emilien                    Senior        Marketing

                                                William Boyer-Richard         Senior        Finance


Western Washington                 Ivan Bullock                        Junior         Behavioral Neuroscience

                                                RJ Secrest                         Junior         Business

                                                Daniel Hornbuckle               Junior         Communications

                                                Lucas Holden                      Jr.              Biology


Westfield State                          Mason Resendes                Junior         Business Management


Westminster College (PA)          Josh Hutcherson                 Senior        Nursing

                                                Kai Skinner                         Senior        Biology


Wheaton (IL)                             Nyameye Adom                  Senior        Computer Science

                                                Cade Alioth                         Senior        Economics

                                                Luke Anthony                      Senior                                    Business/Economics

                                                Tyler Cruickshank               Junior         Economics      

                                                Blake Foley                         Junior                                    Business/Economics

                                                Gavin Hawkins                    Senior        Applied Health Science


Whitworth                                 Rowan Anderson                 Junior         Business Management

                                                Reed Brown                        Senior        Accounting, Finance

                                                Tanner Fogle                      Senior        Accounting                                          

                                                Isaiah Hernandez                Senior        Health Science

                                                Jacob Hjort                         Junior         Business Finance

                                                Miguel Lopez                      Senior        Business Management

                                                JT McDermott                     Junior         Marketing

                                                Garrett Paxton                    Junior         Health Science

                                                Chewy Zevenbergen           Senior        Business Management


Wichita State                            Brycen Bush                       Senior        Sport Management


Willamette                                Ryan Peterson                    Senior        Economics

                                                Jonathan Watts                   Junior         Exercise


William & Mary                          Austin Washburn                 Senior        Business Analytics and Data Science

                                                Miodrag Dronjak                 Senior        Computer Science


William Jewell                           Mason Alexander                Junior         Biology            

                                                Carter Olsen                       Senior        Economics

                                                John Zimmerman                Junior         Accounting

                                                Jackson Golightly               Senior        English

                                                Caleb Houghton                  Senior        Biology


Winona State                            Devin Whitelow                   Senior        Criminal Justice

                                                Andrea Lo Biondo               Senior        Data Sciences

                                                Dalante Peyton                   Senior        Business Administration

                                                Alec Rosner                        Junior         Business Administration

                                                Nick Klug                            Junior         Business Administration

                                                Alou Dillon                          Junior         Communications

                                                Owen King                          Junior         Education


Wright State                              Grant Basile                        Junior         Business — Accounting

                                                Andy Neff                           Senior        Business – Marketing

                                                TJ Nagy                             Junior         Business – Management


Yeshiva                                    Ryan Turell                         Junior         Marketing

                                                Gabriel Leifer                      Senior        Accounting and Management

                                                Eitan Halpert                       Senior        Finance

                                                Max Leibowitz                     Junior         Marketing


York (PA)                                 David Giuliani                     Senior        Business

                                                Chris Tracy                        Senior        Sports Management                                                                                         

                                                Riley Dobraniecki                Junior         Entrepreneurship & Innovation

                                                Sean Kelly                          Junior         Secondary Ed – Mathematics

                                                Colin Rimel                         Junior         Civil Engineering


Youngstown State                     Christian Bentley                 Senior        Sociology

                                                Jamir Thomas                     Senior        General Studies

                                                Geoff Hamperian                 Senior        Exercise Science

2020-21 NABC Team Academic Excellence Awards

Allegheny College
Auburn University
Augsburg University
Augustana University
Austin Peay University
Azusa Pacific University
Babson College
Baker University
Barry University
Baruch College
Belmont University
Benedictine University
Bentley University
Biola University
Bluffton University
Boston University
Bradley University
Bryn Athyn College
Bushnell University
Cairn University
Cal State East Bay
Calvin University
Carleton College
Carnegie Mellon University
Carthage College
Case Western Reserve University
Castleton University
Catholic University
Centenary University (NJ)
Chaminade University of Honolulu
Clarkson University
Clemson University
Coe College
College of Mount Saint Vincent
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado State University
Columbia College
Concordia University Ann Arbor
Concordia University Wisconsin
Connecticut College
Creighton University
Creighton University
Crown College
Culver-Stockton College
D’Youville College
Dallas Baptist University
Denison University
DePaul Athletics
DePauw University
Dominican University (IL)
Drew University
East Carolina University
Eastern Washington University
Edgewood College
Elizabethtown College
Elmira College
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ.  (AZ)
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ. (FL)
Emerson College
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida Southern College
Fort Hays State University
Franklin & Marshall College
Gallaudet University
Geneva College
Georgia College
Gettysburg College
Gonzaga University
Grand View University
Gwynedd Mercy University
Hamilton College
Hamline University
Hanover College
Hartwick College
Harvard University
Hillsdale College
Hofstra University
Hope College
Houston Baptist
Hunter College
Husson University
Illinois Wesleyan University
Indiana Institute of Technology
John Brown University
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Kalamazoo College
Kentucky State University
Kentucky Wesleyan College
Kenyon College
Lake Forest College
Langston University
LaGrange College
Lehigh University
Lewis University
Liberty University
Lincoln Memorial University
Loyola Marymount University
Loyola University Chicago
Macalester College
Maine Maritime Academy
Marywood University
Merrimack College
Miami University
Michigan Technological University
Midland University
Midway University
Midwestern State University
Molloy College
Monmouth University
Morningside College
Mount St. Joseph University
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Muhlenberg College
Nazareth College
New York University
North Carolina A&T State University
North Dakota State University
Northeast Mississippi C.C.
Northern Arizona University
Northern Michigan University
Northern Vermont University-Lyndon
Nova Southeastern University
Ohio Valley University
Oklahoma State Athletics
Olivet Nazarene University
Pace University
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Penn State Abington
Penn State Altoona
Penn State Harrisburg
Peru State College
Piedmont University
Principia College
Purdue University Fort Wayne
Quinnipiac University
Rice University
Ripon College
Roanoke College
Rockhurst University
Rollins College
Roosevelt University
Russell Sage College
Rutgers University
Saint John’s University
Saint Joseph’s College of Maine
Saint Leo University
Saint Martin’s University
Salve Regina University
San Francisco State University
Sarah Lawrence College
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle University
Shenandoah University
Simpson College
South Dakota School of Mines
Southeastern Oklahoma State Univ.
Southern Illinois University
Southwest Baptist University
Southwestern University (TX) Pirates
Springfield College
St. Ambrose University
St. Cloud State
St. Edward’s University
St. John Fisher College
Stanford University
Stephen F. Austin State University
Stevens Institute of Technology
Stonehill College
Suffolk University
SUNY Oneonta
Susquehanna University
Swarthmore College
Temple University
Texas A&M University-Commerce
The College of New Jersey
The College of Saint Rose
The College of St. Scholastica
The Ohio State University
The University of Scranton
The University of St. Thomas
The University of Texas at Austin
Transylvania University
Trine University
Trinity University
Tulane University
U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
UC Irvine
Union College
Union University
University of Alaska Anchorage
University of Arkansas – Fort Smith
University of Arkansas at Monticello
University of Central Missouri
University of Chicago
University of Delaware
University of Hartford
University of Illinois Springfield
University of the Incarnate Word
University of La Verne
University of Mary
University of Mary Washington
University of Minnesota Duluth
University of Montana
University of Nebraska Omaha
University of North Dakota
University of North Florida
University of North Georgia
University of Northwestern St. Paul
University of Rochester
University of Saint Katherine
University of San Francisco
University of Tennessee
University of Toledo
University of Utah
University of Virginia
University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire
University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
University of Wisconsin – Platteville
Ursinus College
Utah Valley University
Vassar College
Villanova University
Virginia Tech
Wabash College