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California college students have their own ideas on diversifying campuses

By Annais Garcia

“California colleges can build a better and more diverse population by hosting festivals and thematic events,” said Flores, who is a first-generation college student.

Flores, who comes from a Mexican family, thinks that although today’s California colleges are already diverse, some schools have a noticeable dominant race.

As a Latina, Flores feels that those schools that are not diverse could incorporate activities and classes to invite those students from different races to get to know new ones.

“I feel like in less-diverse schools, teachers might need to help students to explore cultures they have no experience with,” Flores said.

At her community college campus, Flores has had the opportunity to meet classmates and friends with diverse backgrounds and cultures.

“All around campus you see different skin colors and different ethnicities,” Flores said. “My college friends group is actually very diverse. I have a Moroccan friend, and friends from Congo, Japan, Argentina and Australia.”

Flores explained how in her English class she has seen that the majority of the students are Asians who are learning the language. In this particular class, Flores said that the school helps these students by providing them a translator to help them during the lessons.

In the next two years, Flores is planning to transfer to Indiana State University, where she hopes to have the opportunity to meet diverse cultures as well.