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Adjectives Lesson Plan – Adjective Practice For Your Students

This is a great way to get your students to explore the variety of adjectives that can be applied to one noun.

Take any noun and write it on the board.

Ask your students to help you use adjectives to sketch a clear picture of the noun.

Ask questions and write the answers (adjectives) around the noun.

For example, if I wrote the noun “book” on the board I could ask the following questions.

How old is it?

How big is it?

What language is it written in?

What is the purpose or function of the book?

Who owns it?

Is it valued or appreciated?

What color is it?

What texture is its cover?

What sound does it make (when placed on a table or its pages are turned)?

What condition is it in?

How many others like it exist?

You could end up with ancient, enormous, latin, religious, community, sacred, black, oily, thunderous, decomposing, unique as your set of adjectives.

Equally, you could end up with latest, pocket sized, English version, thriller novel, train passenger, enthusiastically read, flashy, shiny, crisp, brand-new, best-seller as your set of adjectives.

It is really interesting to do this a few times with the same noun to demonstrate how different adjectives create a different noun. Of course, you could ask each student to write their own answers in a workbook and share these with the class.

I think it is important to note that the aim isn’t to create a long list of adjectives that the students feel compelled to stuff into one or two sentences. The aim is to explore the relationship between adjectives and nouns in a way that helps students understand that each noun has its own characteristics and story that is revealed by the adjectives the writer chooses. The adjective set demonstrates the possibilities open to the writer.