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A New Primary Source Crowd-sourcing Project from the Library of Congress

By the Folks is a crowd-sourcing venture that enlists the aid of the community to transcribe countless numbers of primary resource files that are housed by and have been scanned by the Library of Congress. More than the many years there have been collections of files from the American Civil War, papers from the American Revolution, presidential papers, files about suffrage, and documents about the integration of Big League Baseball. A assortment of virtually 6,000 documents written by President James A. Garfield is the most current addition to By the People.

These days, James Garfield is a single of the lesser-recognised former Presidents of the United States. That is partly thanks to his short time in business office prior to he was assassinated in 1881. His papers in the By the People today collection offer perception into who he was and what he considered about a broad range of subject areas from enterprise to relationship to politics.

Programs for Education

Any individual can participate in the LOC’s By the Men and women project to transcribe paperwork in the Garfield selection of notes and diaries. Possessing substantial school college students attempt to transcribe some of the paperwork could be a superior way for them to discover about the 20th President of the United States and master about the value of principal sources. 

To get started out transcribing documents in the the By the Folks project basically go to the selection and pick a document. Your chosen document will look on the left facet of the display and a discipline for creating your transcription seems on the suitable facet of the display screen. After you have completed your transcription it is submitted for peer assessment. A demonstration of the approach is bundled in the movie below.